Ambassador Hirut Zemene has briefed the joint committees of Foreign Affairs (AFET) and
Development Committee (DEVE) of the European Parliament regarding the current situation in Ethiopia’s Tigray region on Tuesday. During the occasion, the ambassador explained about the genesis and reason behind the law and order ascertaining operation in Tigray.

She also pointed out the current efforts of providing humanitarian assistance as well as the task of rebuilding damaged infrastructures and the restoration of public service in the region. The ambassador told members of the committees that the government is now focused on delivering much needed humanitarian assistance, bringing the perpetrators before the law,

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investigating atrocities, reassuring the community, and the reconstruction of damaged infrastructure.
The Chair of the Development Committee, Tomas Tobe, recalled that he had visited Ethiopia with members of his committee fifteen months ago, and expressed hope that Ethiopia will be a shining
example of success for its region, but it is urgent to address the humanitarian challenges. The Vice-Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Witold Jan
Waszczykowski, on his part expressed concerns about the current situation in Ethiopia and invited the ambassador to clarify some of the issues.

Representatives from the European External Action Service (EEAS), the International Partnership Commission (INTPA), and the
Commission for Crisis Management also presented their views on the situation in Ethiopia and the region at large. According to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ambassador responded to the questions and opinions raised by the members
of the joint committee, among others, on the humanitarian and human rights situation in Tigray, the upcoming national elections
in Ethiopia, and the relations between Ethiopia and the Sudan. Ambassador exchanged views with the members of the joint committees, the ministry said, adding that the exchange of views session is hoped to bring a balanced view about the current
situation in Ethiopia.


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