Ethiopia Receives World Travel and Tourism Council Safe Traveles

Culture and Tourism Minister Hirut Kassaw said the UK based WTTC has  acknowledged Ethiopia’s efforts in preventing COVID-19 pandemic and reviving the tourism sector.According to her, Ethiopia is among the 14 countries given the Safe Travel Stamps.

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The recognition would help the country to attract tourists to come to Ethiopia without any safety concern, the minister said, adding that the Safe Travel Stamps was achieved due to the activities carried out at tourist destinations and the strategy designed to rehabilitate the sector.

👉Hirut stated that “ WTTC has supported us to attain international standards. Following its assistance and evaluations, the council certified us the Safe Travel Stamps. So, we would like to thank the council. This travel safety assurance, would highly contribute to revive the tourism sector which has been stagnating due to the spread of COVID-19.

👉Tourism Ethiopia Director-General, Sileshi Girma said the recognition from the council which has over 200 member countries plays crucial role in re-invigorating the sector with full capacity. Source ENA | ETHIOMEREJA

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