China Vows To Strengthen Ties With Ethiopia

The Speaker of the House of Peoples’ Representatives (HPR) Tagesse Chafo, received the Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia, Zhao Zhiyuan.

During the meeting, they discussed issues related to the strengthening of relations between the two countries, according to the House

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He said a diplomatic relationship has been established between the two countries to ensure mutual benefit.

According to the Ambassador, China has built many projects and deploying 50,000 Chinese citizens in various fields to enable Ethiopia to become the largest economy in Africa.

Ambassador Zhao Zhiyuan said China is a country that does not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries and stated the law enforcement operation in Tigray regional State as successful.

He further said that China is a partner in Ethiopia’s comprehensive activities and the all-weather strategic cooperative partnership.

Speaker Chafo on his part said China and Ethiopia have a long-standing friendship and strong relationship.He said Ethiopia will learn a lot from China in terms of economy transformation.

He said the recent law enforcement operation  in Tigray regional state is a matter of internal affairs and law enforcement. He said Ethiopia is now in a stable situation.

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