4.5 billion Birr Palm oil factory

-invester – Belayneh kindie
-cost – 4.5 billion Birr.
-production per day – 1.6million liters of oil
-country demand coverage – 50%
-Place – Bure town

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Ethiopia’s Palm Oil Giant project will go fully operational soon. The giant factory has been planted in

👉Bure town, Amhara Regional State by Belayneh Kindie Import Export Company (BKIE).

BKIE CEO Belayneh Kindie told EPA yesterday that the project has

👉cost some 4.5 billion Birr.

As to him, the project will enable the nation to save the foreign currency which is spent for importing palm oil as the factory covers about

👉50 percent of the national demand.

It will produce 1.6 million liters of edible oil per day, he added. It is a cost effective and efficient plant equipped with the state of the art machines that are currently applying by the developed world

👉including the U.S. and China.


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